Employee Fit

Employee Acquisition Strategy and Successful Execution

Successful employee acquisition involves much more than job interviews and acceptance. It’s all about finding the ideal candidate, with the right fit, and making a great first impression. When done strategically, employee acquisition can reduce risk and save money over the long haul. Recruiting Practices From communicating the right values in job postings to onboarding...
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Making Turnover Work for You

Making Turnover Work for You

The four most significant contributors to turnover for tribal organizations include policy violations, performance, personal, and new work. Turnover is a reality for every tribal business.  But do you truly understand what’s causing your organization’s turnover? Is your turnover normal? If not, what can be done to improve it? In our previous article, we discussed...
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The Importance of the Handbook Acknowledgement Form

The purpose of the handbook acknowledgement form is to show that employees were presented with and aware of the policies and procedures in your workplace. It doesn’t mean that they promise to follow the rules, but it does demonstrate that they were made aware of the information. While not required by law, it’s presence can...
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FIT to be Tied: Achieving Successful FIT in Your Recruiting

Finding employees who are a good fit for your culture – and the job they are applying for – is far from easy. But it is vital. Hiring someone who doesn’t fit and then dealing with the resulting turnover, can cost the company up to 80% of the employee’s salary.
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