About S3

S3 Management Group was founded with an industry-changing belief that human capital risk is not simply a burden to be tolerated. Instead, we see it as an opportunity to make a difference – for employers and their people!

The S3 Difference

While managing human capital risk presents an opportunity to create a path to financial savings and stewardship, it also presents a better path to understand an organization, transform corporate culture, and positively impact others.

The path to stewardship and cultural transformation starts with protecting your people. Our clients have seen the results.

At S3, we partner with our clients to impact the bottom line. We’re not transactional. Our solutions are strategic and focused on making your organization stronger while reducing your overall human capital risk.

$5.2 million in savings! Partnering with S3 Management Group is one of the smartest business decisions we’ve ever made.”

Tribal Treasurer

Where Does The S3 Come From?


Putting others first while displaying the highest degree of professionalism, competency, integrity, and results.


Recognizing, embracing and emphasizing the Sovereign nature of our God and Creator – and celebrating the unique application of this principle for all people.


Managing resources strategically to provide immediate and long-term financial and human capital returns.

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