Protecting Employers and Their People

Attracting, Protecting and Retaining employees is the top priority for today’s business leaders. It also contributes to some of their greatest business risk.

The S3 Sentinel

S• 3 sen•ti•nel | \ ‘sent-nel
Definition – A comprehensive program that protects organizations & their employees from unnecessary risk

Strategic Hiring

  • Objectively assess “inner wiring” of applicants
  • S3 Talent Matching System (TMS) connects people with the right jobs
  • Additional screening tools such as Nurse Retention and IntegriScreen

Employee Mental Wellness

  • Peer-to-peer connection 24/7/365
  • Pre-clinical employee support
  • Data/Analytics with observations and recommendations

Training & Compliance

  • E-Learning platform with targeted employee training courses
  • Employee handbook creation & maintenance
  • Compliance library & calendar


  • Safe employee portal for incident reporting
  • Efficient investigations with response times exceeding industry standards
  • Resolution recommendations based on applicable laws & best practices


  • Claims administration & corporate risk assessment
  • Pre-emptive fraud protection
  • Stop loss insurance

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It's In The Name

The core values of S3 are front and center in all that we do – even cemented permanently in the name of our company. 


Putting others first while displaying the highest degree of professionalism, competency, integrity and results.


Recognizing, embracing and emphasizing the Sovereign nature of our God and Creator – and celebrating the unique application of this principle for all people.


Managing resources strategically to provide immediate and long-term financial and human capital returns.

Who We Serve

What we do makes a difference! Whether it’s reducing risk, increasing profitability or simply contributing to a healthier work environment for all, the S3 programs make a difference for employers, their people and the fulfillment of their mission.

For Profit

Nonprofit 501(c)3

Public Entity


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