The S3 Sentinel

S• 3 sen•ti•nel | \ ‘sent-nel
Definition – A comprehensive program that protects organizations & their employees from unnecessary risk
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Strategic Hiring

A significant portion of human capital risk can be traced directly to an organization’s hiring process and tools. The existing subjective hiring approach utilized by employers is flawed – often because candidates are “experts” in telling you what they want you to hear. But the honeymoon quickly comes to an end.

The S3 Strategic Hiring platforms are based on objective science, demonstrating a candidate’s true inner wiring. When utilized for job applicants or existing employees, employers can evaluate candidates with tremendous accuracy and determine the probability of long-term success with job placements.

Employee Engagement

The most important employees are the ones that are currently on your payroll; therefore, understanding your current employees and developing retention strategies that are uniquely tailored to an organization’s workforce is paramount to success. Lack of engagement leads to departures and changes that may not be needed.

The S3 Employee Engagement platform utilizes a proprietary platform to assess employee and environmental health and provides executive feedback and strategies that contribute to successful long-term employee retention.

Training & Compliance

Training and Compliance are foundational elements to an effective corporate risk management program. Whether it’s understanding the law, evaluating corporate analytics and loss runs or implementing specific training programs to ensure compliance and continuous improvement, effective training and compliance programs are essential to success.

The S3 Training and Compliance platform provides standard, real-time Federal and State law updates as well as a vast library of courses to address compliance and risk in the workplace. The S3 platform also provides customized training courses that address the specific risks associated with the S3 programs.

Workplace Misconduct

Workplace misconduct is one of the primary risks facing today’s employers. Addressing harassment, bullying, discrimination, equity and inclusion has become and will remain a key business priority for years to come.

The S3 Workplace Misconduct platform gives you certainty that your organization and its employees are protected by empowering employees, mitigating risk, and preserving reputation. We are dedicated to helping create open and positive workplace cultures by providing unbiased investigations and recommended resolutions for employee harassment and discrimination complaints. All in a platform that manages the process and provides critical data and analytics.


The COVID-19 pandemic created an unemployment ripple effect that will be felt for years to come. Employers who participate directly in the state Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and those who have opted to self-insure this risk have faced unprecedented liabilities and prompted a need to find a better solution.

The S3 UI Assured program offers an insured unemployment alternative for eligible tribal, public entity and nonprofit 501(c)3 employers. By combining industry-leading risk management practices with innovative risk transfer strategies, S3 offers employers an optimized solution to meet their state unemployment obligations.

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