Employee Lifecycle
Does HR Really Matter

Does HR Really Matter? 3 E’s to Establishing Credibility

Does HR really matter? Yes! The cost of employee turnover varies from organization to organization, and role to role.  It’s clear that it’s not free, and the annual price tag is in the billions. You can evaluate the Employee lifecycle, make recommendations, implement new policies, train, and have the best documentation. But, if HR isn’t...
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How to Hire and Retain Tribal Members

What’s harder than finding good talent in a tightening labor market? Keeping good talent.  As a leader in a tribal organization, you’re no stranger to the rigors of talent acquisition and retention. The fallout caused by a bad hire extends far beyond frustration to include high recruiting costs, lost productivity, and low team morale. With...
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3 Keys to Successful Onboarding

Many organizations confuse “onboarding” with “new hire orientation”. Orientation is an important and fundamental part of the new hire process. It takes care of introducing the new employee to the organization and the new position, and takes care of the essentials of employment. But it isn’t the same as onboarding. Half of all hourly workers...
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Employee Lifecycle and Risk Management

If you are responsible for managing people, you are more than likely familiar with the concept of the Employee Lifecycle; if you are responsible for managing costs, you may also be familiar with the concept of Risk Management.
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