Next year is coming fast. Budgets are finalized (or should be soon). Leadership teams are working to ensure the right resources are in place to meet business objectives. Most leaders have been through this planning process what seems like a million times. Each year offers a new start, but the challenge to find new areas for improvement becomes more difficult over time. Many of the obvious options have been exhausted – grow top line revenue, reduce expenses, increase profitability, attract and retain key employees. This process becomes mundane, and the cycle continues. Again. And again.

You need a win – a new way of doing things that doesn’t disrupt your organization. Something you haven’t considered before. An alternative that breathes new life into your business.

Consider this: Statistics show that between 80 and 90% of tribal governments and tribal owned businesses are not aware of the impact and opportunities available through Unemployment Risk Management (URM).

This is no surprise. Unemployment is generally an afterthought, a burden. It’s an area of cost and a challenge for compliance.

At S3 Management Group, we are currently serving tribes and tribal businesses representing more than 30,000 employees and $1 billion in payroll. Every day we use this experience to educate and equip tribal finance and human resource teams to better understand the key elements of Unemployment Risk Management. We believe this can be your Win. We believe you will agree.

For a CFO, a Controller, or a Director of Finance, URM helps you:

  • reduce key expenditures by 10-20%,
  • incorporate a risk management framework and industry leading processes to protect your organization from unnecessary exposure associated with unemployment and economic volatility,
  • and install such a framework at no additional cost to your organization.

For a Chief Human Resource Officer, a Director of HR, or an HR Generalist, URM helps you:

  • strengthen your HR team,
  • evaluate and align your internal policies and procedures with industry best practices,
  • better understand how your decisions affect not only your employees but also your organization’s bottom line,
  • and receive such critical benefits at no additional cost to your organization.

Over the next several months, we will provide you with additional information about the key elements of URM. Look for information on self-insurance, financing, employee relations, compensation and benefits and employee development. You will gain a better understanding of each of these key areas and how others are incorporating these best practices into their organization. And you will discover your next Win. We believe that to be true.

Grateful for the opportunity to invest in Indian Country and make a real difference for the future.

-S3 Management Group