employee giving programs

Do Employee Giving Programs Help Reduce Turnover?

At first glance, it seems like employee giving programs and turnover have little to do with each other, but recent survey data might surprise you. One study of over 2million employees showed that turnover was reduced by approximately 36% for employees who volunteered time, 39% for employees who donated money, and 57% for employees actively...
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Building Relationships Through Acts of Service and Giving

Service is putting others first while displaying the highest degree of professionalism, competency, integrity, and results. Stewardship is managing resources strategically to provide immediate and long-term financial benefits and opportunities. Service and Stewardship comprise two of the S’s in S3 Management Group and are core to who we are. As a company, we see things...
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Serving Beyond a Season: Bringing Daily Joy to Your Organization

Christmas is often the time of year when we think of giving and serving others. We’ll purchase gifts for those we love, host parties for employees, bake cookies for the office, and spend some time reflecting on what matters in our lives. This season of giving rejuvenates our spirit, warms our hearts and brings joy...
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