Serving Beyond a Season: Bringing Daily Joy to Your Organization

Christmas is often the time of year when we think of giving and serving others. We’ll purchase gifts for those we love, host parties for employees, bake cookies for the office, and spend some time reflecting on what matters in our lives. This season of giving rejuvenates our spirit, warms our hearts and brings joy not only to those we serve, but to those that surround us that see that spark of light they may have missed before.

But, what if that spark could last all year long? What if serving could be at the heart of your business every single day, engaging employees and supporting your mission? It can. Here’s how.

Serving Beyond the Season

There are four components to consider when including serving as part of your organization’s culture.

  • Relationships: Look at your community for areas of service and ask your customers, friends, colleagues, and business acquaintances about areas where there might be a need. Consider combining forces to make a larger impact or simply spend some time getting to know the organization and building relationships that will grow over the years.
  • Employees: Get your employees on board and try to serve as a team. This builds a collaborative and inspired team while improving the morale and engagement of the individual employee.
  • Planning: Evaluate your strengths and those of your employees to determine where you can be most helpful. Then create a plan with them that will optimize the impact to the organizations that are selected.
  • Budget: Set aside resources like time and money. Consider allowing employees time off of work to volunteer. Perhaps the project requires funds that you’ll budget for or raise money for. If time is difficult to spare, consider substituting a formal team-building event for an opportunity to serve. You’ll likely save money, and your employees will get to know each other better.

Don’t forget to let others know that you’re serving. It helps the organization you serve and gives others the opportunity to consider service as well.

Serving the Murrow Indian Children’s Home

Recently through our client relationships, we learned of Murrow Indian Children’s home. The mission of Murrow Indian Children’s Home is to provide a safe nurturing environment, spiritual foundation, and cultural experiences to Native American Children in crisis. It was founded by Rev. J.S. Murrow and has filled a need of caring for orphaned or deprived American Indian Children for over one hundred years. We were provided with an opportunity to serve Murrow Indian Children’s home this year, and we are so thankful for that.

At S3 Management Group, serving is an important part of our business all year long. We love to give and serve. We are always interested in learning ways our clients and Tribal organizations in Indian Country are serving their people.

We would love to learn more about what you are passionate about and the service opportunities that are close to your heart. Let us know by contacting us or leaving a comment below.