Four Ways to Minimize Unemployment

Have you considered the impact of unemployment on your organization? Do you get frustrated by the futility of your efforts when fighting unemployment claims, seeing former employees receive unemployment benefits when terminated for cause?

As a reflection of our commitment to minimize Human Capital Risk in Indian Country, S3 Management Group is providing these four important tips to minimize your unemployment burdens.

Opportunity #1: Let us manage it for you! Seriously, at no additional cost to your organization, we have developed a program that enables you to transfer your day-to-day unemployment responsibilities to us. And, as your third party administrator, as we successfully reduce your costs, we share this savings with you.

Opportunity #2: Use science as a core element of your hiring practices. Psychometric FIT testing generates greater than an 80% success rate in hiring the right candidate into your open positions the first time. This provides the greatest chance of success for you and your prospective employees.

Opportunity #3: Focus on employee development. It is true that your employees are your greatest asset. The average annual cost of employee development is $1,250 per employee, while the cost of turnover ranges from 50%-200% of an employee’s annual salary. No doubt, employee development is the cheaper alternative. Well-trained employees know they’re valued and will remain committed to you for years to come.

Opportunity #4: Don’t give up easy in the face of conflict. Avoid the knee-jerk reaction to terminate “at will.” Valuable employees are worth your patience. Certainly, there are employment issues that necessitate a termination. But for most, consider a well-planned progressive discipline process or performance improvement plan to encourage behavioral improvements and restore a healthy relationship with your employee.

Don’t settle for business as usual. At S3 Management Group, we are eager to help – partnering to make a difference in Indian Country. We offer valuable tools to mitigate risk in the employee lifecycle, including hiring, training, online employee files, policies and procedures, and unemployment management. Contact us to learn more.