Organizational Health Assessments: Successfully Navigating the Employee Lifecycle

Organizational health assessments provide a basis for where your organization is today, and they help set the stage for incremental improvements within the Employee Lifecycle. With this assessment, you can see how your organization currently performs and identify gaps that need to be addressed. To gain deeper insight into organizational health assessments, enroll in our free Foundations of Tribal HR training series.

Organizational Health Assessments

It’s important to perform organizational health assessments on a regular basis as they provide insight into operations and provide a mechanism for improvements over time. They also help to establish a culture where employees see that their voice counts, move towards excellence, and remain committed to the future success of the organization. To keep the momentum going, organizations must continuously implement changes based on what they learn.

Organizational health assessments are regular “tune-ups” that are a key part of any risk management cycle. They help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, your differentiators and your unnecessary cost drivers. With the assessment, consider focusing on these four areas:

·       Foundation: Are your mission, values, and vision statements current, relevant and in alignment? Do the strategic plans of the organization support the mission, vision, and values?

·       Function: Are your plans, policies, and procedures up to date, compliant and in alignment?

·       Management: Do you have strong leadership direction, organizational structure, and employee satisfaction?

·       Human Resources: Are the HR processes efficient, in alignment with the organizational values and compliant with the law?

Once you gather the data, take some time to organize and analyze it so that you can provide recommendations to the executive team. More than ever, Human Resource Professionals are taking an active role in the success of the organization and have the opportunity to lay the foundation for a strong organization.

Once you establish a process, continue to monitor it and provide programs, training, and tools. Regular monitoring of organizational health coupled with continuous improvement can be a powerful lever for the long-term success of the organization. Our free Foundations of Tribal HR training series provides a deeper dive into organizational health assessments. If you’re ready to lay the foundation for a strong organization, enroll in this free professional development opportunity.