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Reducing Involuntary Turnover in Tribal Organizations

Reducing Involuntary Turnover in Tribal Organizations

One of the most significant findings from the Tribal Turnover Survey was that involuntary turnover is unusually high in tribal organizations compared to national trends. Approximately 50% of our survey respondents reported losing at least 20% of their staff annually, with involuntary turnover as the main cause. But what is involuntary turnover, and how can...
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turnover survey findings

Key Findings from the 2019 Tribal Turnover Survey

Tribal entities across the nation were invited to participate in a confidential online turnover study in 2019. The purpose of the Tribal turnover survey was to explore the state of tribal turnover, validate similarities across the nation, and discover differences that are unique to Indian Country. S3 Management Group partnered with the National Native American...
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employee giving programs

Do Employee Giving Programs Help Reduce Turnover?

At first glance, it seems like employee giving programs and turnover have little to do with each other, but recent survey data might surprise you. One study of over 2million employees showed that turnover was reduced by approximately 36% for employees who volunteered time, 39% for employees who donated money, and 57% for employees actively...
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tribal turnover survey results

Nationwide Tribal Turnover – Preliminary Survey Results

Turnover is one of the most significant people risks to any leadership team, and tribal organizations are experiencing the impact of turnover like never before. In response to this overwhelming challenge, we partnered with NNAHRA to initiate a collaborative study, and the response was overwhelming! We want to thank everyone who contributed to the study....
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employee turnover

Employee Turnover: 4 Critical Steps You Can’t Afford to Miss

Last month we began a journey of diving deep into the topic of employee turnover in Indian Country. Some of the data that’s crossed my desk was expected, but many of the responses made me catch my breath. There’s a lot that goes said about the topic, but so much that doesn’t. When an employee...
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modern approach to employee development

Employee Development: Using Best Practices to Create a Modern Approach

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workforce Learning Report, 93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers. Employee Development is one of the critical factors in employee retention, but today’s modern workforce requires a modern approach. Employees don’t want to feel like a cog in the wheel. They want to...
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manager development

Manager Development: Creating a Strategy that Retains Top Talent

Organizations need skilled managers more than ever before.  As organizations become flatter and more dispersed, managers become the glue that connects strategy to implementation. They facilitate communication, collaboration, and coordination within the organization as well as with partners. At the same time, they’re responding to environmental, cultural, and technological changes while still managing their department’s...
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employee engagement

Employee Engagement – Unlock the Secret to Employee Productivity

Back in the day, employers would speed up assembly lines, raise their voices, provide bonuses, or threaten employees when they wanted to increase productivity. Those tactics didn’t work well then, and they certainly don’t work well now.  In today’s economy, employee engagement is a key driver of productivity in every organization. What Influences Employee Engagement?...
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Five Key Components of Successful Onboarding and Integration

According to the National Association for Business Economics, most business economists predict the US will fall into a recession within the next two years. Are you futureproofing your organization? In our previous article, we discussed how to successfully acquire new employees. Once you’ve added to your team, it’s time to ensure they have a smooth...
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