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Making Employee FIT a Reality in Indian Country

S3 Management Group today announces it has entered into a partnership with iWorkZone, further delivering on its commitment to minimize risk in the Employee Lifecycle for Native American tribes and tribal enterprises.  The partnership exemplifies a strong, mutual commitment by both companies to deliver best-in-class Human Resource solutions that make a real difference in Indian...
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FIT to be Tied: Achieving Successful FIT in Your Recruiting

Finding employees who are a good fit for your culture – and the job they are applying for – is far from easy. But it is vital. Hiring someone who doesn’t fit and then dealing with the resulting turnover, can cost the company up to 80% of the employee’s salary.
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Why Employee FIT Matters

Most organizations focus on hiring employees that have the best skills for the job. Sometimes employees are hired because the boss has a relative or friend that needs a job, and occasionally some are hired because the business simply needs to fill an open slot.
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Employee Lifecycle and Risk Management

If you are responsible for managing people, you are more than likely familiar with the concept of the Employee Lifecycle; if you are responsible for managing costs, you may also be familiar with the concept of Risk Management.
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You Need a Win

Next year is coming fast. Budgets are finalized (or should be soon). Leadership teams are working to ensure the right resources are in place to meet business objectives.
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